Ways of Finding the Best Online Shopping Bargains

online and in offline stores

We all love a good deal. It makes you feel good when you know that you don’t have to pay for goods in retail. Fact is that not every item advertised is a good deal. Retailers can be at times deceitful and know how to play the game very well.

You need to hold back a little bit and take your time before you are bombarded with great offers and feel the need to grab them quickly. The perfect time to shop is during the Black Friday. The reason is that a variety of goods are sold at low bottom prices. So how do you determine whether a deal is a real bargain? This is what we suggest:

Watch out for the bait and switch

Most retailers will only post a few great deals in-store only, and then offer just a few in stock. When a majority of the people show up in the store to buy the advertised items and realise that the items are already sold out, the chances are that they will end up purchasing other things since they had already lined up.

And if the shoppers buy the advertised items, they might impulse purchase another product they see along the way. And this is common both online and in offline stores. Releasing deals in intervals is a perfect way of encouraging customers to keep returning to buy and look for those products with higher margins.

Do your homework

The best method of avoiding items that aren’t real bargain is to research before going shopping. Make a list of the items that you want to purchase whether small or big. Conduct comparative research on all the items you wish to purchase. You can check for the prices in different stores to know the standard rate of each item.

When the adverts start streaming in, compare the prices of each one of them to enable you to know which store is undercutting the other. Also, carry a shopping list when shopping so that it guides you in choosing the items.

Make a budget

Come with a budget on each item you want to buy, so that you will know the amount of money to spend on an individual item instead of guess working along the way.


The best way of getting the best deal bargains is by putting in a Google alert to give you updates on the best prices of specific items. You can also use Bizrate.com to provide you with alerts.

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