Project Breakthrough 2.0 Review – Is It Really For You?

Project Breakthrough 2.0 Review – Is it really for you?

With more than 3 years of online marketing experience, I’ve learned a lot from some of the best in the online industry. It’s time for me to share my knowledge & experience with the world. My full mission is to help those going through hard times in their lives in figuring out the right journey in building your own online business with EASE!


Project Breakthrough 2.0 review

What is Project Breakthrough 2.0

Project Breakthrough is a program that teaches how to generate income online using strategic customize funnels.  Project Breakthrough is the industry’s first true step-by-step, most comprehensive video guided program specifically designed to help you:


  1.  Earn a commission online (real money) – even if you have never made a dime online before.
  2.  Understand how to do it over again so you never have to “depend” on anybody or anything.
  3.  Project breakthrough can help you scale and multiply your income online.

Project breakthrough 2.0 has been designed specifically to help you get results FAST, even if you’re a total beginner and have never had any online success before. But it doesn’t stop there. It also teaches how to scale things up and earn big for the long term.

The Mentor and Program Instructors inside Project Breakthrough 2.0

Vick Strizheus

Is a founder of High Traffic Acedemy, LLC and creator of some of the most successful and highest converting marketing funnels in the internet marketing space.  Vick holds a world record for earning the most amount of money in the Network Marketing industry more than $720,000 in just the first 30 days.  Today, Vick is one of the most sought after trainers and leaders in internet marketing and through his main company, High Traffic Academy, teaches marketers and entrepreneurs how to create massive success in their business and live their life on their terms.

Jason McClain

Is a serial entrepreneur and partner of High Traffic Academy. He has started and sold more than 14 companies and has established a presence in the online space for the past 20 years.  In 2015, his online companies grossed more than $12 Million.  He is sought after by businesses across the world including former clients that have included Home Depot, Dish Network, Columbia House, General Electric, Dell Computers and many others.

Jason McClain & Vick Strizheus will take you on a 14 day journey in this Project Breakthrough 2.0  training course.

How Project Breakthrough 2.0 Can Help You Earn Money Online

This is a 14 day journey to complete, so you too can experience the thrill of finally earning real money online within 14 days flat.  You will be guided on how to create a campaign from scratch, how you can instantly earn a commission by promoting other people’s product by being an affiliate, how you can generate traffic and how to turn those traffic into leads and sales.

From conceptualization in turning your ideas or passion into a business campaign to implementation of an online sales funnel.


My Own Personal Assessment/Review About Project Breakthrough 2.0


This is what I loved about this program.  You can learn a lot of things for free.  All you need to do is to create an account with Project Breakthrough.  Watch their 14 day training videos for FREE.
You’ll get a lot of ideas and techniques on how to start earning a commission online that you can apply immediately (along the process, they will recommend some tools to utilize. If you already have your own tools & system, there’s no need for you to use the tools that they will recommend).  Use your own judgement.

Project breakthrough 2.0 is one of the available option for total beginners, intermediate or advanced marketers.

You may be wondering why would such a powerful program be offered for free… their mission is to genuinely help people achieve true success in business and in life.  I found this program very helpful to someone who truly wants to find success in making money online.


This program is user friendly.  You get to look over their shoulder as they (Vick & Jason) completes every step of creating and running an online business.

The Pros Vs. Cons

Here’s some Pros and Cons of Project Breakthrough 2.0

*  Free To Sign Up
*  The videos are a great & very easy to follow
*  You will learn how to build a successful online business
*  The sales funnel they used are among the best I have seen
*  You will learn to create a campaign from scratch
*  You can complete the training course in just 14 days!


*  Income claims are not guaranteed to meet if you don’t have sufficient budget for marketing
*  You cannot guarantee to make money if you do not have the necessary tools in placed (you can opt to use what they recommend or not – depending on your comfortability)
*  If you want to get access to its hybrid funnel (different income streams inside the funnel), you need to be an elite member of High Traffic Academy.  

Elite membership will cost you $297/month (a bit expensive!). There are couple of services that are less expensive. For $297/month, in my opinion is worth spending if you fully understand your MISSION why you want to run your own business online.  This monthly fee includes the use of Site Suite Funnel Builder, weekly webinars, rountable (where you can submit the design of your landing page for Vick & Jason to review before sending traffic to it), live customer support, non-stop inspirational talks and so much more.

NOTE:  You need to take in to consideration your level of experience before investing your time, effort and money to any tool or system.



This program is primarily targeted to those who are looking to make money online in as short of a time as possible. If you are somebody who is truly hungry for success and seriously want to create a real breakthrough (financial and otherwise) for yourself and your family, but you don’t know how or where to start — or perhaps you’ve tried to earn money online but failed over and over again — then this is exactly what you need.  

In my opinion, this program is a right fit for marketers (network,internet,affiliate) that have some experience under their belt and for those who wants to start their own business on the side to quit the corporate world.  

Ultimately, anyone that would like to start making money online as fast as 14 days!


Project Breakthrough is a sales funnel itself, for High Traffic Academy members that you can access for FREE.  This is really a good thing.   Please take note that you are not required to pay or use any recommended tools that Vick & Jason are using inside this Project Breakthrough 2.0 training course.  This will be totally at your own discretion.

You can utilize other tools or funnel system that you already have or do your own research what’s best for you.

If you are still skeptic to whether you want to access the 14 day free course then I would say it isn’t for you. To make a success of the course you need to want it, you need to believe in it and know that you will take action to succeed. I genuinely believe that if you decide that will do all of those things then you will make money and more importantly grow your business using the proven sales funnel training that takes you from initial concept to implementation to selling and scaling.

For those entrepreneurs searching for cutting edge training on how to increase sales, get more leads and generate results, project breakthrough can be a great alternative to understand eCommerce and how to strategically position yourself for transactions, sales and how to be above your competition.

Click here for Breakthrough Guide, solution to your online marketing success! To take your business to the next level.

Pill to keep goingYour chances of making your fortune is through a combination of the training provided in this Project Breakthrough 2.0 and the application of your own hard work.  Your path to success is the combination of your Mission – Mindset – Motivation – Money – Manifestation!


Online Business Guide


I hope this post gives you some insights about Project Breakthrough 2.0.  Leave me a comment if you have any questions. Would appreciate if you can Like & Share this too!

Your StepUp Friend,

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Why Domain Name Is Critical To The Life Of Your Business?

Why Domain Name Is Critical To Your Business?

You might have a little budget, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any options to start your own business.

Building my own business from home was just a total dream for me 4 years back. I don’t have any idea on how to get started, I don’t even know how to create a website and getting the right pieces together, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll not pursue what’s inside me.

A lot of us would like to find ways to start a business without investing a lot of money.  The good news is you can start your business online as little as US$25 in your pocket.

When starting a new business, one of the first and most important decisions you have to make is choosing your own domain name.

An online presence is crucial to the success of your business. Consumers nowadays search online for products and services. If you don’t have a business domain name, how can people find your business online?

Here’s What a Domain Name Can Do For Your Business:


Your domain name is the foundation which your online brand will be built. This is how users will find, remember and identify you or your company online. You can only have a lasting influence on how people perceive you if they actually remember you. Your brand is the sum total of how someone perceives a particular organization.

It will also be easier to win business via word of mouth because customers will remember your name and pass it along to friends.


Traditional store might open its doors from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., but a domain name is open for business 24/7. You can use your domain name to build a website around your passion that excites you to provide important and valuable information to your target users. You can even connect with customers personally through a blog or through email marketing. Click here to learn more about email marketing.


If you decide to register a domain name that matches the concept of your business, you might draw Web surfers in search of that topic. For instance, a pet shop store that registered might get visitors looking for dog food or treats on the Internet. Also, although search engine results are hard to predict, could show up more frequently in search results when someone searches for information about dog foods.


Even if you aren’t selling products and services online, you can use a domain name to promote your brick-and-mortar business.  You can direct customers to your website, you can advertise your upcoming sales and events, special discounts or printable coupons, and you can highlight what’s new.  To capitalize on the growing number of online shoppers, consider selling some of your products and services online. It’s the perfect way to expand your business in your local area or globally.

Don’t get left in the cyber dust! Register a domain name, and then learn about building your own business online with EASE!

Simple Steps To Register A Domain Name WIth NameCheap

Having your own domain name indicates you’re part of the Digital Revolution, and it implies that you’re up-to-date on emerging technologies. Having your own domain name with a good combination of  strategies and techniques might just put you ahead of your competitors.

Your website will be made with a series of files, so you’ll need a place to store those files. You can do it on your own computer (without a hosting service) or store them on another company’s servers (with a hosting service).



The first thing you’ll need to do is secure the domain name you want everyone to remember you by.

CLICK HERE to find if your domain name if available for you.  You’ll be redirected to the homepage of NameCheap.

name cheap

STEP #2:  

Type your desired domain name in the box and click search (refer to above screenshot).

STEP #3:

Once your domain name is available you will see it “available”.  (refer to below screenshot sample)

name cheap

STEP #4:  

Double check the spelling of your domain name and your domain extension (.com), if everything is correct, click the cart button (refer to below screenshot)

name cheap cart button


STEP #5:

You’ll see your subtotal amount, then click “VIEW CART” (refer to below screenshot)

name cheap view cart


STEP #6:

Go to Google search engine, type the phrase “promo coupons for NameCheap”.  Look for coupons NameCheap, then click this (refer to screenshot below)

name cheap discount coupons

STEP #7:  

Copy the discount coupon as shown below (refer to below screenshot)

coupon name cheap

STEP #8:

Paste the coupon code to the box that says “PROMO CODE”, then click APPLY (refer to below screenshot)

coupon for name cheap

STEP #9:

Click the button the says “CONFIRM ORDER” and your domain name is set & ready.

The bottom line is that a good domain name can go a long way toward generating traffic to your Web site and building your reputation. That, in turn, will result in more customers and better sales.


If you’re not sure what to do after you register your domain name, you can get your free training on how to build your online business with EASE!

Online Business Guide

I hope this post gives you some insights on how to choose your own Domain Name for your business. Leave me a comment if you have any questions. Would appreciate if you can Like & Share this too!

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Grief For Email Marketing Beginners

What is Email Marketing and Why You Should Be Using It

Grow your business with email marketing

Email marketing is an efficient way to enrich business commnunications, targets specifc key markets and this is the most cost-effective way to stay connected with your prospects, existing clients or future buyers. Email marketing is used in a number of ways by big and small companies, online/affiliate marketers, network marketers for brand & customer loyalty building.

With email marketing, you can easily and quickly reach target markets without raising your advertising budget (print ads, TV ads, Billboard ads, radio ads or any other high production ads). You can use email marketing for any product or company updates, promotion, announcements or to just simply keeping your subscribers to be on the loop with you.



Choosing an email service provider (ESP) may seem like a confusing task especially if you are just getting started. There are so many email service providers with a wide range of services and numerous pricing options.

Which is the best one for your business?

Grow your business with email marketing



Sending out your email campaigns and newsletters to your database in just one click of a mouse
Helping to ensure your emails are legally compliant with CAN-SPAM Act regulations
Managing your email database by updating it based on unsubscribes, bounces, and spam complaints
Manage and segment your email list for targeted campaigns
Metrics reports of your email campaign results that can be used to set up tests to optimize your response rates


GetResponse – Free for 30 days then, US$15/month (for 1000 subscribers)
Aweber – Free for 30 days then, US$19/month (for 500 subscribers)
iContact – Free for 30 days then, US$14/month (for 500 subscribers)

These are only few email service provider out there. The email service provider that you’ll choose will have a major impact on so many parts of your email-marketing program. Here are just a few of the top considerations you may think about:

Increased deliverability equals increased revenue and return on investment (ROI).

To drive engagement today, organizations need to consider the ability to provide dynamic content and automated trigger emails; the right ESP will provide you with the necessary functionality to do this cost-effectively.

Reporting is critical to any business profit improvement; ESPs provide the key reports you need to monitor and manage the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

List Management
ESPs provide the important role of hosting and securing your email list (customer’s database) some ESPs, also provide the capability to store other relevant datas.

Cross-channel marketing
Because mobile and social media are so hot today, organizations must consider the ability to
conduct cross-channel marketing programs; some ESPs support more than email and allow you to manage and monitor more sophisticated multi-channel digital campaigns.

Whether it’s your first time with email marketing or if you’re thinking about upgrading your current email service provider, there are a few things you initially need to consider:

What are your organization’s needs?
How many email addresses you’re planning to get per email campaign?
How frequently do you email?
Do you incorporate personalization and dynamic content?
What types of segmentation do you use?
What are your organization’s plans for future growth?
Once you’ve answered these questions, take a look at and compare various email service provider (email auto-responders) based on your own personal or organization’s criteria.

2 Email Service Providers (Auto-Responders),
I am using to run my business from home

I am using two email service provider in my business, Pure Leverage and GetResponse. These 2 email service providers has its own unique features. If you are just getting started, I would recommend to use GetResponse because of it’s easy to use features, complete with helpful graphs, allowing you to optimize your campaigns. The reports are displayed in bar graphs and pie charts with clearly labeled data. GetResponse tracks how many subscribers open your emails, unsubscribe, complain and click on links.

CLICK HERE to get your GetResponse FREE TRIAL







Grow your business with email marketing

I hope this post gives you some insights on how email marketing can help you grow
your business.  Leave me a comment if you have any questions. Would appreciate if you can Like & Share this too!


Your StepUp Friend,

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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

How To Make Residual Income Online The Right Way

Creating Residual Income Online The Right Way

4 years back I was dreaming to build my own online business from home.  I want to live at my own pace and be my own boss.  I was looking for solutions  but, I couldn’t find any program to help and guide me how to do this.  With all of my attempts, I’ve learned the art of failures.
I’ve learn how to embrace and engage my errors because every time I made mistakes, I’ve learned how to do it more better…. that’s why I’ve created this One Step Up to help each individual to reaching their great potential in building a business with EASE!

Today let’s talk about … How do you make a consistent source of income online?

In business there is no magic pill. It’s about strategy, good system and hard work.

As a financial cushion, it is important for us to learn how to build a residual income for us to be prepared for any financial turmoil or if job layout happens.

Residual income is passive income. Once you takes the initial steps to set the money making wheels in motion, income will continuously come from the source without putting additional effort into it.  Building a residual income takes time and effort more than anything else, this will not happen overnight.

how to make residual income online
The best way to build residual income lies in having more than one stream. You need to picture out how your income pipeline will work best for you.

Let’s break this down for better understanding…



Imagine to have a pipeline (this pipeline represents your income streams)  and different types of rocks (the rocks represents different source of income).

If you want to fill your pipeline fast,  you’ll throw big rocks first, followed by medium size rocks, then pebbles.  There is no difference when you want to build your residual income streams with this metaphor.

Big rocks represent your high ticket product/high ticket opportunities.  When you first throw big rocks into your pipeline there will be a gap in between these rocks, so then you’ll throw some medium size rocks. These medium size rocks could be your affiliate products from different affiliate networks like clickBank, peerFly, click promise, click sure, etc.

Then, there will be still some gap in between those big rocks and medium size rocks, that’s when the pebbles will come into play (to fill in those  gaps).  Pebbles are those small commissions that you can get from your tools like auto-responder system or tracking system.

Then, if you want to close tightly 100% those little tiny gaps,  you can pour some sands into it.  The sand represents those small pennies that you can generate from amazon (product review).

If you want to have a solid foundation to generate passive income,  you need to understand how to fill up your own income pipelines correctly.   Go for bigger rocks! Followed by medium size rocks, pebbles and sands.   If you structure this correctly, this pipeline can give you an awesome income month after month.


how to build residual income

This is how I see what’s going on in my business

The most important is you must have a clear plan of attack. Have a strategy on paper that you can see. If you cannot see your strategy/business it doesn’t exists.

Don’t make things complicated. Don’t over complicate a simple thing.

If you are in the online space for quite sometime now… you probably tried many things, but maybe you haven’t break yet the right code how to do this correctly.

I’ll be transparent to you, this will not happen in a day, this will not happen in 3 days, it won’t happen in 14 days or 60 days. It will take a consistent effort from you and you need to invest on that effort on a daily basis. You need to change your paradigm.

The very first thing that you need to do is to make a decision and a full commitment to yourself!


  1. FOCUS ON ONE THING: You cannot move forward if you don’t know why your business exists. This will be your CORE WHY, why people need your business in the first place?
  1. DIVERSIFY YOUR ONLINE PORTFOLIO:  Consider and think about what’s your next move going to be. Build different online businesses with that always in mind. You do not want to have all your eggs in one basket. You need to have different sources of income pipelines. Run affiliate program from different networks and see what’s working well for you, run a cpa offer and a campaign from your own branding.
  1. CREATE A PLAN THAT YOU TRULY UNDERSTAND:  Most of us don’t get the idea of this one. Sometimes they will go back to business school to figure out how to create that business plan.  This is not the plan that we will talk here.Bottom line is you need to have a plan that will help you diversify your income streams online. What do we do every single day to bring our business up to the next level? Most online business entrepreneurs that are doing best in general are the ones who understand very well and passionate about their business.  When you are creating your business plan you’ll understand the range of product lines that you want to engage with.Be passionate about it and stand 100% behind it. This is a huge key to be successful in this online game.
  2. CREATE A 12 MONTH PLAN OF ACTION:   There is no shortcut to building your residual income.  I made a lot of mistakes in my online course, so you will not be alone.

In a diversification path, you will not always get a home run, but if you don’t continue trying new things, you don’t know exactly which one is going to be a home run for you. This is all about trying, tweaking, adjusting…..this is a non-stop process until you found the right combination in creating a successful business campaign. Diversifying is the most key elements in online success. Continue to re-building your campaign for you to identify which areas that can give you the best consistent profits.

Run some split testing.  You cannot improve anything if you do not have any data to compare.
See screen shot below showing you some data of conversion rates (from 0.2%, 25%, 83% to 200%)

How to create residual income


  1. Amazon review sites – you can go
    You can Simply take a product to promote, develop a website, create a domain review site.

You can develop a content in a SEO capacity that you can generate revenue from it.

Selecting products that you know about and just review them. You can do content marketing SEO and paid advertising.  If you love writing, this is best fit for you. If you spend a little hour per week, you can put money on your pocket by doing this. This is really a simple low hanging fruit.

It takes time to build it, but worth it for long term success. This is allowing search organic positions to get you in gear. This is one way that you can make a consistent income over time.

2.  Google adsense  –

Have a review sites and add adsense on it .  Do all of these as well as the things that you are doing right now.  When you create your review site you can  run adsense to the same page. This is a front loaded work, you will spend a lot of time in the beginning, but once you get it rolling and you optimize your site, it becomes a machine that run itself. That will generate revenue without you even paying attention to it.  It will create a snow ball effect that will continue to work for you.

  1. Information products – selling the information that people will pay to get the information they need. You can create your own ebook or video trainings that you can market globally. One online platform that you can work with is Clickbank. If you are a product creator or vendor you can find an army of affiliates that can help you promote your own product.
    Click here to learn more how to make money on ClickBank

4.  Affiliate marketing –   If you really want different streams of income this is the big ticket. This is not an overnight success, this is not a quick rich program. you need to understand how to fill out your pipeline to be able to bring you consistent income for long term. Don’t select a lousy product.  Choose the best product out there that you can stand behind it 100%.

– ClickBank
– Amazon
– Clicksure
– Clickpromise
– Commission Junction
– Peerfly
– Offervault
– Ebay
– Linkshare

Residual revenue is something unique that people need to understand and no one really teaches it clearly.  If you want to earn real money online, the reality is you have to go for this kind of income diversification.  You need to have a continues process building programs after programs.  Run a campaign for the next 4 weeks.  Put all your time and effort for this campaign for the next 4 weeks,  Then after 4 weeks the same thing, run another new campaign, put your time and effort developing this campaign.

If you have a consistent plan, that for every four weeks you have a new funnel consistently available for you to market. Will that be valuable and bring you up to the next level of income?

A whole different idea, a whole different domain – this will create a new habit that formed inside you and this  will give you the ability to consistently work to designing your future into your liking.

Most online business entrepreneurs biggest problem today is, they are only good as their last campaign because they are always chasing the next shiny thing, why not remove yourself from this shiny object syndrome and change your paradigm to consistent revenue syndrome? Isn’t great to have this kind of thinking each day?

Do it not over a day, not over a week but literally for the next 12 months.

A true entrepreneur, you need to go and build one company and do it really really well, if you can efficiently multi-task this… this is the best way you can build a consistency in generating different revenue of income .

Develop a new platform to help you get in gear and start finding consistency.

NOTE:  You need to get ready to mess up. You need to learn how to engage your errors. You need to learn how to stand up again when you fall. The more you engage your mistakes that more you will gain faster.


I am part of the Elite group of High Traffic Academy.  HTA is founded by Vick Strizheus partnered with Jason Mcclain who got 20 years of experience in the industry.
HTA is an education platform for online marketers. They provide high quality education about
generating traffic and  running a successful business online.

What I love from this program, I can easily set my income streams easily.  They provide a hybrid
funnel that consists of high ticket products (big rocks) down to small pebbles (medium price products).

What I did…

I just simply takes the initial steps in setting up this funnel and let my money making wheels in motion  without putting additional effort into it.


residual income
To date, there are around 27 other internal passive income available inside the funnel.  Entra-Life as per item #4 stated below,  is still not yet launch  (while I am writing this post). 

My full intention of sharing this is to simply show you one of my existing business funnel that
I am personally using.

how to earn residual income
Be selective of the products you want to promote, be selective of who you follow and why you follow them.  Take the time to build something more than a funnel.

You may want to consider answering these questions:

Does your business model has what it takes to be there for years to come?

Is your business a season business that may come to an end?

When you start promoting any product out there, how much effort you put preparing your landing pages and your strategies?

It is crucial that you create a plan that works.  Always start your day with a purpose.  Remember, put 20% of your time and effort that will give you 80% of the results that you want.


Write down your plan step by step, follow the plan, change it as needed. What you write is always your guide.


Online Business Guide


To your OneStepUp!

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Simple Steps To Become Independent Financially

How to become independent financially

Financial independence plays an important role to attract ambitions.

Building your financial independence is building your personal skills to create a new opportunity for money to become the by-product of what you do.  Financial independence is not serve in a silver platter,  we need to do the doing that brings us the fruit of our hardwork.  The compounding activities that we do that brings us to financial independency.

We all want to become independent financially for us not to depend on our job,
our boss, our parents or our partners when it comes to money producing.

If you are reading this and you are totally brand new in this online industry, you need to understand that your mindset, the way you create your beliefs to get anything you want in life are created over a period of time through a consistent way of thinking in pre-framing yourself to where you want to be in the future.

If you expand your thinking, depositing new things to your brain, when you act on these ideas grown over time will produce different level of results.

Becoming Financially Independent Golden Nuggets

Do you live to work to be rich or work to live to be wealthy?

Do you have an entrepreneurship in your blood? or maybe you want to be an entrepreneur?
What drives you?  Is it money or passion?

What if….if you could have both together to work to live and be wealthy?

Financial independence is not a short process, it is not about chasing the next shiny object or what’s the next opportunity out there.  There’s no such thing quick rich button and there’s no tool that can replace your hardwork!  Anything you want, you can get it through hard work, right mindset and being consistent in what you do.

It is a continuous process because being wealthy is not exactly the same as being rich. You can be rich by tomorrow winning a lottery & lose all those money in a short period of time.  Being wealthy you let money become the by-product of anything that you do.  Money become your follower wherever you go.  Meaning you can stand alone not to depend on anyone, or anything, but yourself!

Do These 3 Steps To Work Towards Your Financial Independency

Step#1:  Become a Master of One Thing.

You cannot learn every thing in a single webinar, you cannot learn everything in one course.
It is something that you need to experience, be an observer, apply, adjust, tweak and be a master of one thing.  Stay and focus on that area until you become good at it.  If you want to become a master marketer online, you need to master one thing that you want to be known for & be very very good on that one thing.

STEP#2:  Set a Realistic and Measurable Goals.

You need to analyze and bridge the gap between where you are right now and the place where you want to be.  Taking baby steps forward  by closing each loop is always better than doing nothing.  Once you reach your first destination, plan to go to the next destination.  If you want to make $5000/month, instead of concentrating making this $5000 per month, set a goal to simply begin by finding a product worth $100 and focus to make 50 sales/month.

STEP#3:  Educate & Accumulate Wisdom.

You need to put 2% of your effort on educating yourself on those income producing activities that will give you 98% of the results you want. NEVER STOP LEARNING!  Every single day be engaged in reading or listening to audibles.  Feed your mind with new things that will always help you to move forward in developing yourself as well as to bring your business up to the next level.   Everything is evolving, so never ever stop learning.

Realize that procrastination is the key to poverty.

Earn first dollar as fast as 14 days

To your OneStepUp!

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How To Make Money on ClickBank

How To Make Money on ClickBank

How to make money on clickbank

You may  heard about ClickBank (if you don’t you will know more about it as you read this post).  ClickBank is popular for online marketers, affiliate marketers generating income online, but very few really made money from it.

Normally, people sign up with ClickBank aiming to hit their jackpot to make money.  In most cases, people randomly choose a lousy product, run random traffic to it,  frustrated of seeing no results, then totally abandon the platform and jump to another shiny objects with big promises that can make their dreams come true.  Sounds familiar?

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is one of the top online digital product retailer with 200 million plus customers globally.   ClickBank marketplace is for total beginners who wants to earn REAL money online as an affiliate (promoting other people’s product)  to product creators/vendors who wants to sell product online.

ClickBank For Beginners

ClickBank is a perfect place for affiliates.  If you are a total beginner with no experience yet to make money online and don’t have any website, then you can jump right in to ClickBank and create your own affiliate link for any product that you want to promote, start driving traffic right away and see your earnings in real time.

The good news, creating an account with ClickBank is FREE.   This is open for anyone who wants to earn real money online.  You can try it by simply going to ClickBank homepage to register.

ClickBank for Product Creators

As a product vendor/owner, you can list your product in ClickBank marketplace. Clickbank will take care of all the payment technical issues, refund as well as enticing an affiliate program for your product to help you find your army of affiliates to help you promote your product to double or triple your income quickly.

This is great if you don’t want to handle the technical aspects of integrating your payment merchant as well as finding a joint venture partner, but clickBank will take a bit amount of money off from your sales generated ($1+7.5% of the sales).

Pros & Cons of ClickBank

I really like ClickBank especially if you are just getting started in wetting your toes to make money online. This is a good place to start with for new affiliate marketers because you can easily open an account with ClickBank for free without any hassle of account approval.  Some networks required a website related platform before getting approved.  With ClickBank,  you can start selling right away to almost all countries.

What I don’t like with ClickBank, there are tons of crappy products, huge competition selling the same stuffs all over the place.

How to Pick a Hot Product to Promote Using ClickBank

The best & most efficient way to get started is to start as an affiliate, promoting products that have already been tested, in order to build your own sales funnels (I mean your own irresistible selling machine!)

Picking the right product to promote on ClickBank is extremely IMPORTANT before driving any traffic into it.  If you send traffic to a sales page that doesn’t attract people to engaged, you will not make much money.

Here is a short video of me going through the ClickBank marketplace in finding a hot product to promote.

What is a Great & Hot Product to promote?

Here are the things you can look for when it comes to screening your hot product to promote:

  • Low cost in the initial offer (no resistance in the point of entry)
  • Have 2-3 up sales inside the funnel
  • Video sales pages with good content sales pages
  • Products with good reviews online (low refunds = more money and less list burnout)
  • Gravity at least above 100 (means that the page converts fairly well)

Clickbank Gravity

Creating your Affiliate Links for Tracking

Check your tracking to see which link works well for you or not. In order to know where your conversions come from, the best practice is to create a new link each time you put a link somewhere (facebook newsfeed, twitter, blog post, paid ads, email marketing, etc). This way, you will be able to track which emails,  pages, ad platform convert and which don’t.

In order to create a tracking ID, when you create your affiliate link simply add it in the “Tracking ID” field as per the screenshot below.

Clickbank Tracking ID

The Thrill of Getting Your First Sale With ClickBank

If you search on Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines you’ll see a ton of “techniques” to make money with ClickBank.  Some of them work and most of them clearly don’t work.

People are thrown to sales pages without knowing exactly who is this guy trying to sell them.

From my experience, preselling is HUGE. You need to give people good reasons why they should listen to you & why they should buy the product you’re recommending.  This applies both to affiliates and product owners.  Right pre-selling positioning will give you 5 times or more conversions.

How to Build an Irresistible Selling Machine with ClickBank

It’s simple….

Build a value oriented sales funnel.

You basically detach yourself first from the outcome of making money.  You need to keep your front door clean of ANY sales pitch.  You run it by giving great value content to the readers for free.  You sell to the people that wanted more free stuff in exchange of their email for it.

You then offer traffic magnets as your own built-in strategy in selling other people’s product as well as your own product.  The traffic magnet offers more free value to those who are interested enough to trade their contact information for it.

THEN, you can start linking the affiliate offer from the thank you page and deploy the automated email sequence to those people on your mailing list about the offer,  so you make them stay on the loop.

Here is the outline of the system I use:

built in strategy

The Benefits You Can Get in Deploying This System:

  • You keep your front door clean of any sales pitch meaning you can position yourself properly in doing the pre-selling.
  • You build your own custom value oriented sales funnel meaning you can attach any product, company or any business opportunity you want.
  • You’re building an email list meaning that you own your customers database. This means that you can sell more things to them once they become part of your mailing lists.
  • You  can optimize your advertising budget promoting other peoples product first, then you can promote your own product to the same mailing lists when you are ready to launch your own product.


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To Wrap It Up…

Building your own online business sounds HUGE, but you’ll not believe what you are capable of building a business from SCRATCH that tends to generate much more revenue on auto-pilot.

ClickBank is a great place to start with if you are looking for fast sales.  I hope this post inspired you how to get started and the possibility for you to build your positioning in this online space for you to design your life into your liking.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment box below.  And if you like this post, let’s spread this out…SHARE & LIKE!

And don’t forget to get your 4 day free training crash course in building your online business with the right framework.

To your OneStepUp!

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What’s really behind the game of an online business success

The Game of Online Business, What’s Really Behind it?

What it really takes to be successful online? After getting 1, 5, 1000 or 10,000 subscribers to
your mailing list then,,,, what?

We need discipline and skills to build our dreams. Skills lead us to become successful both in life and the way we do things in our business.   Skills can hold people around, skills can bring our family dreams,  skills can raise our intrinsic value, skills can make a difference in other people’s lives.

Every single day, thousands of people like to start an online business.  Nevertheless, only a few percentage of online  business start ups actually succeed despite of all the noise about making money online.

Here’s the good news…there are “7 powerful online business techniques” that you can immediately apply in running your online business.   If you combined these techniques with hard work, discipline and skills, will start producing results.  Results with your money, results with your lifestyle and results in every part of your life & business.

The 7 Powerful Techniques For Running a Successful Online Business

In order for you to orchestrate an effortlessly sales online,  you need to take care of your biggest business asset which is your mailing lists. These are those people who raise their hands and voluntarily give you their contact details in order for you to get in touch with them.

If you have 1 or 5, 10,100 or 10,000 subscribers or people on your mailing lists,  the process to engage them will be the same.

1. Frame the case:
Have a clear path of what you want your user do when they reach your business website. This will start from your business page, your landing page, thank you page, automated email follow up sequence up to the end outcome that you want to accomplish (sign ups, purchase, registration, watching a video, etc.)

2.  Create an emotional hook with your target user:
People buy not because of your product. People buy because of you.  Create an irresistible bond with your mailing lists.  Keep them engaged.

3.  Back up with logic that make sense to your users:
Bring them to what they need.  Lead them to a clear path to get the outcome they’re looking for.

4.  Establish expert position:
Create something that can set yourself apart from the crowd. Build a positive expectancy to your users.

5.  Focus on giving value:
Value, value, value.  Detach yourself from any outcome you want to achieve.  Focus on the process and not with your desired outcome.

6.  Give specific instructions:
Be specific in giving instructions on what to do next.  Create a message to the right market match.

7.  Keep it simple:
Don’t make things complicated. Success is all about simplicity and finishing one task after the other.  Closing every loop.

A combination of discipline, hard work & improved skills will start producing miracles to your life and the way you do your business.

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To your OneStepUp!

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