Simple Steps To Become Independent Financially

How to become independent financially

Financial independence plays an important role to attract ambitions.

Building your financial independence is building your personal skills to create a new opportunity for money to become the by-product of what you do.  Financial independence is not serve in a silver platter,  we need to do the doing that brings us the fruit of our hardwork.  The compounding activities that we do that brings us to financial independency.

We all want to become independent financially for us not to depend on our job,
our boss, our parents or our partners when it comes to money producing.

If you are reading this and you are totally brand new in this online industry, you need to understand that your mindset, the way you create your beliefs to get anything you want in life are created over a period of time through a consistent way of thinking in pre-framing yourself to where you want to be in the future.

If you expand your thinking, depositing new things to your brain, when you act on these ideas grown over time will produce different level of results.

Becoming Financially Independent Golden Nuggets

Do you live to work to be rich or work to live to be wealthy?

Do you have an entrepreneurship in your blood? or maybe you want to be an entrepreneur?
What drives you?  Is it money or passion?

What if….if you could have both together to work to live and be wealthy?

Financial independence is not a short process, it is not about chasing the next shiny object or what’s the next opportunity out there.  There’s no such thing quick rich button and there’s no tool that can replace your hardwork!  Anything you want, you can get it through hard work, right mindset and being consistent in what you do.

It is a continuous process because being wealthy is not exactly the same as being rich. You can be rich by tomorrow winning a lottery & lose all those money in a short period of time.  Being wealthy you let money become the by-product of anything that you do.  Money become your follower wherever you go.  Meaning you can stand alone not to depend on anyone, or anything, but yourself!

Do These 3 Steps To Work Towards Your Financial Independency

Step#1:  Become a Master of One Thing.

You cannot learn every thing in a single webinar, you cannot learn everything in one course.
It is something that you need to experience, be an observer, apply, adjust, tweak and be a master of one thing.  Stay and focus on that area until you become good at it.  If you want to become a master marketer online, you need to master one thing that you want to be known for & be very very good on that one thing.

STEP#2:  Set a Realistic and Measurable Goals.

You need to analyze and bridge the gap between where you are right now and the place where you want to be.  Taking baby steps forward  by closing each loop is always better than doing nothing.  Once you reach your first destination, plan to go to the next destination.  If you want to make $5000/month, instead of concentrating making this $5000 per month, set a goal to simply begin by finding a product worth $100 and focus to make 50 sales/month.

STEP#3:  Educate & Accumulate Wisdom.

You need to put 2% of your effort on educating yourself on those income producing activities that will give you 98% of the results you want. NEVER STOP LEARNING!  Every single day be engaged in reading or listening to audibles.  Feed your mind with new things that will always help you to move forward in developing yourself as well as to bring your business up to the next level.   Everything is evolving, so never ever stop learning.

Realize that procrastination is the key to poverty.

Earn first dollar as fast as 14 days

To your OneStepUp!

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How To Make Money on ClickBank

How To Make Money on ClickBank

How to make money on clickbank

You may  heard about ClickBank (if you don’t you will know more about it as you read this post).  ClickBank is popular for online marketers, affiliate marketers generating income online, but very few really made money from it.

Normally, people sign up with ClickBank aiming to hit their jackpot to make money.  In most cases, people randomly choose a lousy product, run random traffic to it,  frustrated of seeing no results, then totally abandon the platform and jump to another shiny objects with big promises that can make their dreams come true.  Sounds familiar?

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is one of the top online digital product retailer with 200 million plus customers globally.   ClickBank marketplace is for total beginners who wants to earn REAL money online as an affiliate (promoting other people’s product)  to product creators/vendors who wants to sell product online.

ClickBank For Beginners

ClickBank is a perfect place for affiliates.  If you are a total beginner with no experience yet to make money online and don’t have any website, then you can jump right in to ClickBank and create your own affiliate link for any product that you want to promote, start driving traffic right away and see your earnings in real time.

The good news, creating an account with ClickBank is FREE.   This is open for anyone who wants to earn real money online.  You can try it by simply going to ClickBank homepage to register.

ClickBank for Product Creators

As a product vendor/owner, you can list your product in ClickBank marketplace. Clickbank will take care of all the payment technical issues, refund as well as enticing an affiliate program for your product to help you find your army of affiliates to help you promote your product to double or triple your income quickly.

This is great if you don’t want to handle the technical aspects of integrating your payment merchant as well as finding a joint venture partner, but clickBank will take a bit amount of money off from your sales generated ($1+7.5% of the sales).

Pros & Cons of ClickBank

I really like ClickBank especially if you are just getting started in wetting your toes to make money online. This is a good place to start with for new affiliate marketers because you can easily open an account with ClickBank for free without any hassle of account approval.  Some networks required a website related platform before getting approved.  With ClickBank,  you can start selling right away to almost all countries.

What I don’t like with ClickBank, there are tons of crappy products, huge competition selling the same stuffs all over the place.

How to Pick a Hot Product to Promote Using ClickBank

The best & most efficient way to get started is to start as an affiliate, promoting products that have already been tested, in order to build your own sales funnels (I mean your own irresistible selling machine!)

Picking the right product to promote on ClickBank is extremely IMPORTANT before driving any traffic into it.  If you send traffic to a sales page that doesn’t attract people to engaged, you will not make much money.

Here is a short video of me going through the ClickBank marketplace in finding a hot product to promote.

What is a Great & Hot Product to promote?

Here are the things you can look for when it comes to screening your hot product to promote:

  • Low cost in the initial offer (no resistance in the point of entry)
  • Have 2-3 up sales inside the funnel
  • Video sales pages with good content sales pages
  • Products with good reviews online (low refunds = more money and less list burnout)
  • Gravity at least above 100 (means that the page converts fairly well)

Clickbank Gravity

Creating your Affiliate Links for Tracking

Check your tracking to see which link works well for you or not. In order to know where your conversions come from, the best practice is to create a new link each time you put a link somewhere (facebook newsfeed, twitter, blog post, paid ads, email marketing, etc). This way, you will be able to track which emails,  pages, ad platform convert and which don’t.

In order to create a tracking ID, when you create your affiliate link simply add it in the “Tracking ID” field as per the screenshot below.

Clickbank Tracking ID

The Thrill of Getting Your First Sale With ClickBank

If you search on Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines you’ll see a ton of “techniques” to make money with ClickBank.  Some of them work and most of them clearly don’t work.

People are thrown to sales pages without knowing exactly who is this guy trying to sell them.

From my experience, preselling is HUGE. You need to give people good reasons why they should listen to you & why they should buy the product you’re recommending.  This applies both to affiliates and product owners.  Right pre-selling positioning will give you 5 times or more conversions.

How to Build an Irresistible Selling Machine with ClickBank

It’s simple….

Build a value oriented sales funnel.

You basically detach yourself first from the outcome of making money.  You need to keep your front door clean of ANY sales pitch.  You run it by giving great value content to the readers for free.  You sell to the people that wanted more free stuff in exchange of their email for it.

You then offer traffic magnets as your own built-in strategy in selling other people’s product as well as your own product.  The traffic magnet offers more free value to those who are interested enough to trade their contact information for it.

THEN, you can start linking the affiliate offer from the thank you page and deploy the automated email sequence to those people on your mailing list about the offer,  so you make them stay on the loop.

Here is the outline of the system I use:

built in strategy

The Benefits You Can Get in Deploying This System:

  • You keep your front door clean of any sales pitch meaning you can position yourself properly in doing the pre-selling.
  • You build your own custom value oriented sales funnel meaning you can attach any product, company or any business opportunity you want.
  • You’re building an email list meaning that you own your customers database. This means that you can sell more things to them once they become part of your mailing lists.
  • You  can optimize your advertising budget promoting other peoples product first, then you can promote your own product to the same mailing lists when you are ready to launch your own product.


Online Business Start Up Guide CRASH COURSE

To Wrap It Up…

Building your own online business sounds HUGE, but you’ll not believe what you are capable of building a business from SCRATCH that tends to generate much more revenue on auto-pilot.

ClickBank is a great place to start with if you are looking for fast sales.  I hope this post inspired you how to get started and the possibility for you to build your positioning in this online space for you to design your life into your liking.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment box below.  And if you like this post, let’s spread this out…SHARE & LIKE!

And don’t forget to get your 4 day free training crash course in building your online business with the right framework.

To your OneStepUp!

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What’s really behind the game of an online business success

The Game of Online Business, What’s Really Behind it?

What it really takes to be successful online? After getting 1, 5, 1000 or 10,000 subscribers to
your mailing list then,,,, what?

We need discipline and skills to build our dreams. Skills lead us to become successful both in life and the way we do things in our business.   Skills can hold people around, skills can bring our family dreams,  skills can raise our intrinsic value, skills can make a difference in other people’s lives.

Every single day, thousands of people like to start an online business.  Nevertheless, only a few percentage of online  business start ups actually succeed despite of all the noise about making money online.

Here’s the good news…there are “7 powerful online business techniques” that you can immediately apply in running your online business.   If you combined these techniques with hard work, discipline and skills, will start producing results.  Results with your money, results with your lifestyle and results in every part of your life & business.

The 7 Powerful Techniques For Running a Successful Online Business

In order for you to orchestrate an effortlessly sales online,  you need to take care of your biggest business asset which is your mailing lists. These are those people who raise their hands and voluntarily give you their contact details in order for you to get in touch with them.

If you have 1 or 5, 10,100 or 10,000 subscribers or people on your mailing lists,  the process to engage them will be the same.

1. Frame the case:
Have a clear path of what you want your user do when they reach your business website. This will start from your business page, your landing page, thank you page, automated email follow up sequence up to the end outcome that you want to accomplish (sign ups, purchase, registration, watching a video, etc.)

2.  Create an emotional hook with your target user:
People buy not because of your product. People buy because of you.  Create an irresistible bond with your mailing lists.  Keep them engaged.

3.  Back up with logic that make sense to your users:
Bring them to what they need.  Lead them to a clear path to get the outcome they’re looking for.

4.  Establish expert position:
Create something that can set yourself apart from the crowd. Build a positive expectancy to your users.

5.  Focus on giving value:
Value, value, value.  Detach yourself from any outcome you want to achieve.  Focus on the process and not with your desired outcome.

6.  Give specific instructions:
Be specific in giving instructions on what to do next.  Create a message to the right market match.

7.  Keep it simple:
Don’t make things complicated. Success is all about simplicity and finishing one task after the other.  Closing every loop.

A combination of discipline, hard work & improved skills will start producing miracles to your life and the way you do your business.

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To your OneStepUp!

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The Misconception of Working from Home

Misconception of Working From Home in Wealth Building

Are you considering to work from home to build up your wealth?

I quit my full-time office job back in 2012 and have been working from home ever since. I love it. It offers me maximum control over my schedule and allows me to develop my skills while doing the things  I love.

However, while it’s a perfect fit for me, working from home in building your wealth is not necessarily a perfect fit for everyone especially for those who only wants to make quick money on the internet.  By understanding the truth behind the most common misconceptions of this non-traditional lifestyle, you can decide whether making the switch is right for you.

When I decided to leave the 8-5 traditional office job, I have something deep inside me that I want to accomplish, the check that my husband and I wrote to ourselves back in 2004.  It is a big goal, but it’s POSSIBLE if we’ll continue to work harder in bridging out the gap from where we are right now to where we want to be by May 13 of 2019.

Top 3 Best Advise To Work From Home That Will Give You Residual Income

If you’re thinking to start building your own business in order for you to  have the time and money freedom that you’re most probably hearing out there,  then you need to ask yourself first if you’ll do whatever it takes to make this thing work for you?  Working from home is not easy, you need to become extra-ordinary in doing certain things in a certain way.  There is no really a “Quick Rich” program available out there, but you need to invest in educating yourself, implement what you’ve learned and take action in every single day to your income producing activities.

If you have BIG dreams, BIG goals that you want to achieve, this is not about making few bucks here and there, but building a successful online business from home that nobody can take away from you.  It’s about creating an irresistible selling machine that will generate profits for you and your family for many years to come to enjoy the life that you truly deserve.

Beginning a business doesn’t mean you have to quit your job like what I did.  You can begin as a part time putting 2-3 hours per day, then when you see some income stability you can transform this into a full-time home-based business.  Some business start ups require a great deal of start-up capital.   If you want to start a home based business, you can start from the basic by investing first to the necessary tools you need first like your email auto-responder system in order for you to build your own business asset.

Working at Home not only Requires Sales…

The world doesn’t need someone who can just simply sell a product.  The world need someone who can change someone’s to be better in terms of anything (personal development, making money, lose weight, training your dog & pig, building a business etc.) People don’t buy your product, people buy YOU based on how good you present anything to them (product is irrelevant).

Advise #1:  Be Unique: The whole idea of working from home is to create a selling machine that is automated.  If you don’t stand out, its difficult to make money.

How can you be unique in terms of what you do?   Why do you exists? The clearer you can identify this the easier you can market & make more money.

Advise #2: Create Your Own System:  The whole marketing is creating your own world. You can go to any company, promote any product and plug in to your system.  Your system is your own custom funnel that consists a hook and built-in strategy so you’ll continue to pulls in customers in auto-pilot.

Advise #3:  Be a Leader: Put yourself in the authority for you to create an irresistible bonding with your lists.  Having a 100 responsive lists is way more better than  having a non-responsive 1000 lists who are not bothering to open your email.

Work smart by automating your business for you not to babysitting your business.

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To your OneStepUp!

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What really makes you happy?

What Makes You Happy in Life?

what really makes you happy

More Money, Good Health, Better Lifestyle, Happy Family, Big Mansions or Fancy Cars?

At the age of 7, we want our toys (teddy bears, dolls, colorful cars) and no school.  When we reach our teenage years,  we want to have the best date in high school and cool outfits.  When we reach our 30’s, we want good career & salary.  When we reach 40’s we want our dream house and to retire at 50’s, when we reach 50’s we want to have good health and enjoy life and by the time we reach  70’s,  we want to live longer and if we can just bring back the time to be seven again, we’ll definitely study harder, be wiser, work harder to grow and be a better person today.

What do you really need to make you happy?

The pursuit of happiness is what exhausts almost everyone, young and old. But what is really happiness and how does our idea of it change as we age?

Young people are seeking to a particular rewarding experiences to amplify their progression in life. While older people have established a better sense of knowing who they are and what their priorities in life.

There are several factors that makes people happy… from family, relationships, loving what they do, by being grateful, forgiveness, generosity, helping others, financial freedom, good health and the lists goes on and on…

Why Happy People Get Anything They Want?

Happy people are normally getting what they want both in their relationship, career, business and health.

What we know is that if you are financially stress, your marriage & your health suffers. Financial anxiety affects our immune system as well as our moods.  Happiness acts in the opposite way. Having lots of money does not make you happier, but having sufficient enough to pay your monthly bills, helping others & indulging your family for a vacation certainly makes a difference.

How To Develop The Top Quality Traits of Successful Happy People

Be Optimistic & Responsible – People who are optimistic are more happier and successful.
Whatever pains or challenges you had in the past, learn from them to design your future into your liking.  Be responsible.  No one will ever do it for us.  Work for yourself and not for someone else.  Be the President/CEO of your own life, your own career, your own finances, your own bank books.

Be a Continuous  Learner – People who are not bothered by the past mistakes, failures & future outcomes can be happy and well focus in the present moment.  Stop worrying about the money because money will not come to you unless you do something to improve your situation.  Read each day, listen to audible to improve yourself.  Be always better today than yesterday.

Be Ambitious & Achiever –  Achieve something better each day, so money will become your soldier.  People who challenge themselves, seeking to learn and achieve something find pleasure not only in reaching their goals but also in the struggle and focus to get there.

They see themselves with the capacity of being really good at what they do. They often set both smaller and larger goals, enabling them to get a sense of closing each gap the little steps along the way to the greater joy of achieving something significant. 

It’s not all about the money, but its all about true wealth in finding what you love doing.  This is what true freedom and happiness is all about – Doing things at your own pace.

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Is Knowing Your Why Really Works To Get You Rich?

Is Knowing Your Why Really Works To Get You Rich?

knowing your why

Finding your why is a popular term in doing business, but is it really contribute to your wealth building?

What a good question huh?

When it comes to business or any making money opportunities, whether you’ve already launched your business or still on the planning stage, you must know the purpose why you want to do your business.

When I  joined one of the  network marketing business opportunity in the wellness industry, I was exposed to this famous term of “knowing your why“.  Aside from the “business franchise model”, knowing your why is quite popular to discuss.  It’s a simple phrase, but it’s too difficult to understand.  One of the first thing that came to my mind is my family because we all  want to have more time and money freedom, lots and lots of money because money makes the world go round!

But, Is Really Knowing Your Why Affects Your Business Results?

Well, my answer to this is yes and no.

Why only few  independent distributors from a network marketing business are really making large sum of money?  And why the majority are still struggling to make money even if they know their why?

Our thoughts require discipline and boundaries. Most people get excited when they hear good promises that will trigger their emotions of having a good and extravagant lifestyle – financial freedom, fancy cars, mansions, get rich quick or any other shinny objects without looking deeper to what they really wanted in life.
Pill to keep going
Feed your mind with good values & elevate your way of thinking to higher frequencies, so you’ll be less vulnerable to be influenced from the outside – jeng cua


You need to have high expectation from yourself, you need to elevate your standard by wanting RESULTS!

If I will ask you these 2 simple Questions…


And my second question is:  WHO ARE YOU?

How are you going to reply?

The common answer to the first question are:
–  To spend more time with my family
–  Pay out my mortgage
–  Good education
–  I can travel around the world
–  Buy my dream car or dream house

Maybe here’s your answer to the second question, “I don’t know”.

Formula To Have A Transformational Business:

  1. Understanding your core why (not your personal why, but your inner core why)
  2. Understanding deeply who you are

I am sure that you heard many times about the “golden circle” of Simon Sinek. Most people know what’s they’re selling. Some people know How they are selling,  and very very few people know WHY they are doing what they are doing (your business).

This is when I started looking my business in a different angle.

Now, who are you? who you really are as a person? How do you brand yourself?

Are you grinding all the time, are you successful, are you bonding with losers or winners? Are you a person that gets what you want?

If you want to be a long term entrepreneur and do what you love doing to inspire others, you need to start by knowing who you are. When you know who you are, this is something that will pump you up, give you excitement and passionate in doing whatever you are doing.

And once people buying to your belief system – game is over!

So, instead of pitching your stuffs out there, you need to understand your core why because this will lead everything into your root of Who you really are. Because if you don’t understand this you will just be the same as the average marketer out there.

Change the way you do your business in the right possible manner.

SURVEY-Biggest challenge







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The First Dollar Online Is Always The Hardest

Earning your first dollar online is always the hardest

When it comes to making money online, the first dollar is always the hardest because there are so many factors that will contribute to it such as lack of knowledge, information overload, lack of system & tools, discipline, patience, mindset, inconsistency and so much more.

Getting your first customer can take months or years if you are in the field of product development.  Making money online or building a business from home is always a trying time, riddled with uncertainty and doubt.  Getting to that first sale or first commission (your breakthrough)  gives you the confidence and motivation you need to keep going.

Is Making money online REAL & LEGITIMATE?

First dollar always the hardest

Many people are curious if making money online is for real and legitimate.

Job security dissipating.   Most people nowadays are trying to establish some security by creating multiple streams of income from home.

Yes! There are several ways to make money from home and earn your first dollar online like blogging, web designing, being an affiliate (promoting other people’s product, video creation, promoting CPA, creating your own product, drop shipping, etc.).  It is important to understand to identify first why you want to do this (your CORE WHY).

Maybe you would like to answer these 2 simple questions:

  • Are you  willing to give 100% what it takes to make this thing works as your major source of income?
  • How much time & money will you be willing to invest to yourself to learn and enhance your knowledge to play the game of the internet world?

Earning your first dollar online is not hard if you detached yourself to your end outcome or target goal.  Most people don’t understand the hidden benefit of  “delayed gratification”. The power of delayed gratification is absolutely necessary to be able to reach your ultimate goal – finances, health or relationship.  Whether you’ll be planting the seeds now to harvest later, developing a healthy lifestyle to get more stamina and energy later, or building up your own business from home to help automate your income later.

People who embraced this habit of delay gratification are more successful with their career, relationships, health, finances and really, all areas of life.  Our thinking has been molded to the point where we think we can get what we want with no delay, which is a very dangerous path to do business, getting into a relationship, planning your future or strategizing any online campaign.

How you can increase your income?

I firmly believe that Money is just a by-product of what you do.  If you want to increase your income, you need to take the full responsibility of doing it by multiplying your income.  Jim Rohn once said “Increase your value to the marketplace”.  If you become irreplaceable, you’ll make more money than those people who can easily be replaced by someone else.

Powerful Formula To Help You Increase Your Income

Work harder on yourself more than you do in your job.
There is nothing wrong to work harder in doing your job to get paid, but you need to work harder to improve your inner self, to improve your habit, discipline and right mindset. Work harder on yourself is the best natural way to increase the value of one individual.

Now, how to become valuable in the marketplace? And what’s the connection of this in making
your first dollar online?

Well, it connects everything.

Be a good student of the online business game and you need to know how to play this game correctly.  That’s where marketing comes into play. How to become a replaceable marketer within your field or industry – if you are not easy to replace, you will make a lot of money.

Focus 4% of your activities that will yield 96% of desired outcome.

  • Expand your knowledge  to developing your ability to market whatever product or services that you inclined doing.
  • Be a specialist and extra-ordinary in building YOU as an authority in your field.
  • Focus on things that will help you automate your marketing stuffs that can help you produce predictable results.

If you want to change your results, you need to change your thinking first!

Is your income working  best for you?



Your One Step Up!

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How To Reduce Financial Stress & Have a Life

How to reduce financial stress and have a life!

Most Americans working so hard just to pay their monthly dues, kids education & basic necessities.  They have money but no extra’s for their retirement, medical illnesses or accidents  or to enjoy life that they deserve.

We live on the financial edge with the stress of making it through the day, week, month or year to pass.

How to live a beautiful life that is financially stress free?

You may heard this saying…..”Life is art” and “Wealth building is math”.

Life is art, you need to work at your best to get a better masterpiece.  You can take an empty canvas, focus on your strokes, what colors to use to get the outcome that you like.  Same thing in life.  You are an artist of your own life.  What are you creating?

How to reduce financial stress and have a life!

Every moment, we are creating our own experience that you can’t go back, but can only look back.  Our thoughts, our habits, our discipline and actions are all our conscious intentions to draw on to our daily empty canvas.

Wealth building is math, based on hard facts.  1+1 is always be equal to 2.  2×6 is always equal to 12.  You cannot change the outcome.  It is science that there is a formula behind this. You can predict the outcome before it happens—every time.

Art is much more subjective.  If you do not like the outcome you can redo it again. “Beauty,” they say, “is in the eye of the beholder.” There is no one right answer.  You can carry the best Louise Vuitton bag either you are capable to pay this or you owe your lifestyle from your credit card.  You have the option to buy or not to buy this depending on your financial capabilities right?

If you are struggling financially, you must know the root why you are struggling.  Maybe you are spending more than your earnings? or your maybe the salary that you are getting from your job is not sufficient enough to sustain your basic necessities? You need to figure out what is the root cause of this financial struggles and once you identify it, focus on things that you should do and not to do in your own canvas.

Your life is a masterpiece, a beautiful work in progress that you are constantly refining, tweaking and evolving every time you wake up and face a new day.  Don’t spoil this out. Learn and expand your knowledge each day how to become a better person to improve your own masterpiece and be proud of yourself.

How does wealth-building will tremendously help you financially?

If you add $100 to your retirement account each month and gain 8 percent interest over 10 years, you can know now how much you will have then. It is math. If you start learning how to earn $5 online without spending any dime you can predict that in 30 days you will have $150 and if you continue doing this for 12 months, you will have $1,800.  What is this money can do for you?

The beauty of math is in the knowing. You can work the system, set it on autopilot and the math does the work for you. You know the outcome.

So let me ask you:  Are you focusing more time on your math or your art? Do your math.
How much do you really want to achieve in the next 3 months? You should do your very best at your wealth-building plan so you can first get out from any credit card debts and start designing your life that you and your family deserved.

Do your math so you can focus on your art.



Your One Step Up!

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Why you should think like an Ant and not a Crab/OneStepUP

Reasons Why You Should Think like an ANT and not a CRAB

why you should think like an ant and not a crab
I love one article from Jim Rohn when he says…..”When was the last time you saw ants reach an obstacle and give up with their heads down and head back to the ant hole to relax?”  Never.

How much will an ant gather during the summer to prepare for winter?  All that it possibly can.

Now, how about us? How much time & effort do we invest to learn & discipline ourselves to prepare for our future?  Auhhhhhumhhhh – can you answer this?

Most of us are afraid to think of the future because of  the fear of getting depressed of not getting anything you want.  Most of us are afraid of facing the unknown.

Is it right to face the unknown?

Look into yourself. Are your thoughts or mind set more generally negative than positive?
Do you worry much of not getting something or finding ways to get it?  If this applies and if you hold a general unhappiness and pessimism about yourself, your life, and the future will definitely look gloomy for you.

What You Could Do If You Think Like an Ant?

Imagine what you could accomplish if you turn your negative thoughts to positive and never quit pushing yourself to go out from your comfort zone working towards your brighter future?

1. Ants never quit.  If ants are headed somewhere and you try to stop them; they’ll look for another way. They’ll climb over, they’ll climb under and they’ll climb around just to reach their target destination.  They keep looking for another way.  Ants never quit looking for a way to get where you’re supposed to go.  Do you easily quit?

Stop thinking like a crab.  If you see someone with a better life than you do, be happy for them instead of pulling them down to where you are.  If you want more time, give more time. If you want more money, be generous.  If you want success, work harder, step forward and be extra-ordinary.

2. Ants think winter all summer. That’s an important perspective. You can’t be so naive as to think summer will last forever. So ants are gathering their winter food in the middle of summer.

An ancient story says, “Don’t build your house on the sand in the summer.” Why do we need that advice? Because it’s important to be realistic. In the summer, you’ve got to think storm. Think ahead.  Prepare for your future so you can enjoy the kind of lifestyle that you deserve.
What will happen if you lose your job tomorrow? Are you prepared? What will happen if the bread winner in your family get sick? Are you prepared?

Stop thinking like a crab. If you see someone doing nothing to move forward, don’t join them. Set a better standard to yourself.  Do not settle to be ordinary.  Go some extra miles each day to develop yourself.  Learn new things to improve yourself to be a better person each day.

3. Ants think “all-you-possibly-can.  Ants don’t have quotas or “good enough” philosophies. They don’t gather a certain amount and then head back to the hole to hang out. If an ant can do more, it does. The “all-you-possibly-can” philosophy.

Here’s the thing.  You should never be afraid to dream. If you dream, dream bigger. Never give up and always look ahead.

Why not think like an ant for the next 14 days and see how your life will change financially, emotionally and spiritually.

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